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southwest, Croc - Wide Stamped Domed Silver Stacker Band



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Croc - US 7.5This band features a repeating "croc" pattern. This pillowy pattern reminds me of croc skin and is one of my FAVES!! It also has a funky mid-century vibe.Each ring begins as an 18g flat strip of Sterling silver sheet. The design patterns are created using a combination of metal stamps. The ring is then formed and soldered. Once the ring band is finished, it is \u201cdomed\u201d by hand precariously sandwiched between a steel bench block and steel dapping cube using a 3 pound hammer. These rings are light and comfortable to wear. They make a statement on their own or can be \u201cstacked\u201d with other bands.These bands, despite their big "bubbly" personalities, fit pretty true-ish to size...but, like all wide band styles, you know your fingers best.This item includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping!!, mid century

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