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Leather and Turquoise Cuffcowgirl leather, Turquoise Cuffcowgirl leather, Southwestern Cuffcowgirl leather, Southwestern cowgirl leather, Artisan Leather and Turquoisecowgirl leather, Treasure Mountain Turquoise



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Leather and Turquoise Cuff, Turquoise Cuff, Southwestern Cuff, Southwestern , Artisan Leather and Turquoise, Treasure Mountain TurquoiseSuch a beautiful piece of Treasure Mountain Turquoise attached to a 1/2" beige leather cuff. Snaps in the back. Fits about a 6"-7" wrist with 2 different snaps.Super cute with sterling "buttons' hammered out on my shot plate.COME VISIT ME AT:, turquoise jewelry

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