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gift for me, Necklace copper raw rose quartz



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Necklace in copper with raw uncut rose quartz.***I ship by default with Priority Plus: Fast international shipping, with tracking, insured.***All jewels are handmade by me personally with love. They are perfect gifts for the loved one, the bride, a birthday child or simply for yourself.***Manufacture of jewellery by means of "Electroforming": Modern alchemy! Collected leaves, branches and stones are first coated with special paint to make them electrically conductive. They are then electrochemically coppered under electricity. A stable copper layer is created, which can now be further processed. It is polished, patinated or silver-plated. This technique makes it possible to depict even fine details in a true-to-life way. I use so-called "Patina inks" in various colours to give the pieces their liveliness. I also use sulfur liver to oxidize copper (red, brown to black). Genuine silver plating consists of 999 fine silver and is mentioned as such in the corresponding products.***Allergies: All ear hooks are made of either sterling silver or Niobium wire. They are particularly well tolerated. The jewels themselves are made of copper or silver-plated copper. They are still impregnated with Renaissance wax.***Care: The jewels do not need to be specially cared for. If necessary, they can be cleaned with water and soap. Attention, patina is partially sensitive and can be mechanically rubbed off! The best place to put the trinkets for showering, bathing, sleeping, etc. Please do not bend by force, the copper can break! Discoloration of the skin can be easily removed with water and soap.***I make the greatest effort to depict colors in a true-to-life way. However, there may always be deviations for various reasons (screen setting, etc.).***, electroformed copper

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