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Noble stone and detailed workmanship in a coliier of real fine crystal quartz in the cabochon polish like large ice hair miracles from the TOM K Just be "Swicht it" collection with sterling silver carabiners and 24 K gilding ... refined here with a large moss eigha ball and 2 large silver-grey XL beads, which are fine-framed in sterling silver and 24 K gold plated in W gilding.This combination is always an eye-catcher so elegant and classy.You can always give the chain a new look even with more Switch it longeepers. Here, for example, a big round Tuerkis ideal in a summer look.Description:Brand: TOM K.Item: Gem ChainDelivery: 1 chain, 1 switch it one-hanger moss agate with 2 pearlsMaterial: Sterling silver and 24 K gildingProcessing: HandmadeSize: Diameter of real stones about 12 mm, one-haired stone about 20 mm and Baroque pearl about 14 mmChain is individually knotted on silver Silky Cotton gives the necklace the extra fine and expensive touch ... just classy TOM K.You can make the chain with other attuners that you click between the carabiners look different again and again, also available with ball heart arabesque. Black onyx, tuerkis or fine bamboo quartz, round citrine. Etc... Price on request or in the shop.More information or products can be found on request.Wholesale prices on request. Minimum acceptance per Article 4 Stucco.For foreign orders, there may be customs clearance in the recipient country, customs dues and taxes are not included in the purchase price and are not our responsibility.Please contact our customer service for any questions you may have.Thank you very much.

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