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This is a beautiful pink pearl bracelet. Will fit between 6 and 7 inch wrist. The healing aspects and symbolic meaning of a pearl are numerous. Pearls have a soothing influence. Pearls are said to reduce over sensitivity and promote peacefulness. They have a way of lifting our spirits. Pearls also bring out purity, honesty and integrity, plus feeling of beauty, dignity and calm. Pearls symbolize and stimulate feminity, feminine wisdom and charity. It is said that pearls are particularly in tune with pregnant women. Over time pearls have become the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty. Pearls are often associated with brides. Pearls is said to lessen stress. Pearls help us get in touch with the simple, honest things in life. Pearls are the oldest known gems. Pearls have been considered the most valuable gem for centuries. Actually pearls are gems like no other. They are derived from a living creature, mollusks, and are essentially organic matter. Because they are so old, pearls are surrounded by traditions. The pink pearl represents romance, passion, faith, and love. It is perfect for the younger woman or debutantes. FREE SHIPPING!!!!, very unique

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