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Rainbow Peace Sign Pendant Necklacerainbow peace sign, Gay Pride Peace Symbol



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A unique gay pride rainbow peace sign necklace, hand crafted from polymer clay. This piece has a kind of watercolor look, having been hand painted. If I made any more of these, each would have its own subtle nuances. That's part of what distinguishes it from mass produced junk that's assembled from pre-fab components.I start by layering white polymer clay over gray and cutting a disc. I poke the outline of my design into the soft clay with a needle, and par-bake it. Then I use an engraver to dig out the recessed area where I apply liquid polymer clay in different colors, tinted with alcohol inks. I use a toothpick to carefully and precisely spread it. Once fully baked, I apply resin to the top for a glassy and magnifying effect. A brass bail is securely attached to the back using E6000. I strung this peace sign on black nylon cord and trimmed it with tan wood beads. The length adjusts between 16.25 and 19 inches, closing with a silver plated lobster claw clasp., rainbow peace sign

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