Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Adorable "p' Titus shell" is a love bracelet stamped with the energy of the turtle good luck! : )Each little shell is unique because handmade and designer.It features:-with a silver chain 925-with a green shell gold copper enameled Designer (handmade)-with small yellow and green glass beads.The symbolism of the turtle *.The turtle represents mother earth connection with ancient wisdom.Both the symbol of wisdom, luck, longevity, courage, perseverance.The spirit of the turtle opens up peace whether indoor or outdoor, peaceIn native American traditions, the totem of the turtle is considered wearer peaceHe's often associated with the feminine principle or feminine energy that promotes peace and harmony with all choses.* *."P" Titus shell "will fly to its recipient in a pretty package ready for gift giving \ud83d\ude09, turtle

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