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Rainbow Yin Yang Gay Pride Necklace Setrainbow pendant, Matching Handmade Couples Pendants



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A set of two matching rainbow gay pride yin-yang pendant necklaces, uniquely handmade. The pair has distinguishable differences, and the roles of white and color are reversed on each. I made these 1.25 inch pendants out of polymer clay and resin. Several stages are involved in their creation. First I loosely marked the outlines into the layered discs of soft clay and par-baked them. Then the yin-yang symbol is engraved into the clay. Liquid polymer clay, tinted with inks, is carefully filled into the recessed areas with a toothpick, and the pieces is baked again. The final touch is layers of liquid resin, cured in the sunshine, to give them that glassy finish.One pendant I put on black nylon cord with black wood beads, and the other is hung on dark brown leather cord with brown wood beads.The brown corded necklace adjusts 16 to 19 inches.The black corded necklace adjusts 17 to 19.5 inches.Both have silver plated lobster claw closures., gay pride pendant

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