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medieval, Winigas or Legwrap Hooks



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A pair of Winigas Hooks or Legwrap Hooks are made in our shop and will help keep your legwraps from sliding down and become ankle warmers. The hook should be attached to the top end of a legwrap and secured to the layer below it. Whether you wrap from bottom to top or top to bottom, they provide a bit of tasteful bling to your Angelo-Saxon, Vendel or Viking Age outfit. Since women's dresses are depicted as full length there is no documentation I know of that practically minded women of the day didn't keep their legs warm by wearing pants or legwraps. PRICED and SOLD in PAIRS1. Bronze Shield Winigas - 18mm x 29mm2. Bronze Veined Winigas - 18mm x 34mm3. Bronze Cross Hatch Winigas - 18mm x 34mm4. Bronze Danish Raven Winigas -5. Silver Swedish Raven Winigas -, vendel

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