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miniature book, Pride And Prejudice - Peacock - with Tiny Heart Charm -Micro Mini Book Necklace



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Size: 1 in. tall5/8 in wide1/4 in thickThese adorable little books come as shown with your choice of size of Silver Plated Rolo ChainThe book covers are Color Laser Printed. I coat the cover image with a thin layer of non toxic glaze for sturdiness and protection. The image is then folded over cardstock and glued on, so there are no raw edges exposed. The pages are made of wood and painted white. An eye pin is securely attached to the spine of the pages and a jump ring is attached.The page block is then inserted and glued to cover. Books do not open. This process makes the book very durable and sturdy, with the look and feel of a real hardcover book, just much tinier or course!Enjoy browsing, thank you!, mini book

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