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handmade mushroom, Pink And Reddish Swirl Psychedelic Mushroom Pendant Hand Sculpted



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A unique, flat backed mushroom pendant with a swirly, wavy pattern of pink and reddish hues. My hand sculpted shroom has all the natural looking details of a real fungi, except for the shiny surface and psychedelic design. The sanded and polished mushroom cap has little splits and cracks along the edge to give it life-like detail. Ridges are also poked in the pink underside of the cap. There are tiny threads of different colors swirled within the reds and pinks, too, if you look closely enough.The cap is about 1 3/4 inches wide at its widest, and the mushroom charm stands 1.5 inches tall. A bail is embedded and adhered into the mushroom, ready to be hung on any chain or cord of your choosing. Don't have any? Send me a convo about customizing a necklace for you, and I'll create a new listing., psychedelic shroom

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