Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique jewelry, ANTIQUE 1930's Gold Gilt FILIGREE Brooch / Gorgeous Blue RHINESTONES and Enamel Pin



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I believe this was made in the late 1930's using gold gilt and enameling. The white metal has a lovely gilding of gold. Gorgeous royal cobalt blue stones pastel enameling are a wonderful combination of colors. The antiqued finish is fabulous for that ancient look. It's a large piece measuring 2 1/8". Great condition, Just gorgeous!Like this item and looking for more like it? Search our pages and pages of great vintage here at Incogneeto Vintage. Are you a dealer and want to buy in quantity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesale vintage purchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale, gorgeous vintage

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