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Have trouble finding the perfect gauged earrings for your stretched piercings? Well look no further! We've gotchya covered ;-)\r\r*~ Note: All glass jewelry sold by the pair! ~*\r\rThese glass talons are a gorgeous ivory white. They are a small 10g (2.5 mm) and about 1.5 inches long from the top of the zigzag to the bottom.\r\rQuick note!\r\rThese are a made to order pair of talons so the ones you receive may vary ever-so-slightly from the ones you see in the pics in this listing. But they will look pretty much exactly the same ;)\r\rAs with all hand-blown glass, the sizing is approximate and varies slightly from item to item. That said, the pieces you see listed here are selected for the match between the left and right piercings and their nearness to standard sizes., body jewelry

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