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Bickfaya - Beckfayya 

Honoring the small quaint village of Bickfaya in Lebanon
Population: 20,000
Website maintained by the Sh'hayyed Family (the "h" pronounced as in habibi)...

Bickfayya - Bikfayya

bikfaiya - Bikfaya - Bekfaya -

One of Lebanon's most famous towns, Bickfaya is a small quaint mountain village in Jabal Lebnaen (Mount Lebanon or Mont Liban)
Beckfaya is well known for its breathtaking scenery, pleasant climate (sometimes foggy), pine trees, delicious spring water four season weather and friendly locals known as Bikfayotes or Beckfawiyeh
 Bikfaya is located in North Matn (Al Maten El Shemali) at 900 meters (3000 ft)  above sea level and about 25 KM from the Capital Beyrouth (Beirut).
Bickfaya is composed of Beit and Kefaya in the Syriac language meaning "the house of stone"

Al Naas (Na3s) is one of Bikfaya's most famous tourist destination, where the Naas Spring can be found (Nab3 el na3s).
Bikfaya is also known for its Churches:  Mar Abda, Sayyedt el Najaa (Our Lady of Deliverance) and Mar Mkhayel (Saint Michael).

Photography by: Christina Sh'hayyed
Daughter of Nasrallah Sh'hayyed & Marie-Reine Sejaan of Bickfaya


Bickfaya - Sahat - Kataeb - Phalanges

bikfaiya - Bikfaya - Bekfaya - ouwet -winter

bikfaiya - Bikfaya - Bekfaya -

Bickfaya - Sahat - Kataeb - Phalanges   Bickfaya - Sheikh- Pierre - Gemayel

Bickfaya - Sheikh- Pierre - Gemayel Bickfaya - Sahat - Kataeb - Phalanges








Bickfaya's Families
Gemayel (Jemayel), Dagher, Chrabieh, Sejaan, Sh'hayyed, Chebli, Sahyoun, Rouhana, Kayyat-Bou Chebel, Heshaimeh (7shaymeh), Sebaali etc...

Bickfaya Areas
Naas, Bhersaf (B7ersaf), Delb,  Delb country club, Sakiet El Misk, Mhaidssé (M7adseh), Dahr el souwan, Baabdaat


قداس الأربعين لراحة نفس الشيخ بيار أمين الجميّل
Lebanese Kataeb - Phalanges Libanaises - الكتائب اللبنانية  - كتائب

La Fête des Fleurs à Beckfayya
Festival of Flowers in Bikfaya in Lebanon - Lebanese Village of Bickfayya
A long tradition established in 1934 by Shaikh Maurice Gemayel to attract the attention to the small town.
The festival featured a breathtaking array of vehicles decorated with thousands of colorful flowers and fruits, live music bands, bazaar, election of 3 beauty queens; the Queen of Flowers, the Queen of Fruits and the Queen of Sports. This International Festival attracted millions of spectators from the four corners of the world year after year.
Although such festivities had stopped as a result of the Lebanese Civil war in 1975, their memories live in our hearts and minds... forever.

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